One of the most rewarding benefits of travel is seeing the world through the eyes of people from other cultures. We can learn so much from understanding the relationship that folks different from us have with nature and each other. Everywhere we visit, we discover new ideas and perspectives and love sharing them with our readers.

Chihuly Glass Spectacle in the Desert Garden

For more than 70 years, the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix Arizona has been teaching and inspiring visitors from the local community and around the world, providing research, exhibits and holding events designed to help us understand, protect and preserve the...

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Three Things We Love About Bali Restaurants

We have a month to spend in Ubud, Bali and have found the city to be a culinary delight. There are dozens of warungs (small family cafes), as well as many larger, more commercial restaurants. We have discovered many wonderful eateries, both large and small. We are...

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First Motorbike Ride in the Crazy Traffic of Ubud Bali

Having never traveled in Bali, I was unprepared for the amount of traffic in Ubud, one of the larger cities. The narrow streets are crammed with cars, trucks, and motorbikes of all sizes and description. No one pays much attention to traffic laws and they park in...

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Visitors to Cambodia Documenting Amazing Art Program

This post from Alissa and Dan at This World Rocks describes a school they visited in Cambodia that really touched my artist's heart! Read about the man who was an orphan himself and now helps the kids at his school to become artists, sell their paintings and go to...

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Cordial, My New Favorite Beverage

When we first arrived here in Oz I learned that there is a local beverage that they call cordial (that is pronounced cor-dee-yal), though our English transplants friends call it "squash". This all rolling out of a conversation about "pumpkin", which really means...

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Australians Love Their Tea with Bickies and Coffee Too

Since I knew that Australia was originally settled by the British, I assumed that they drank tea there. I have enjoyed a cup of tea with breakfast for many years, so I was looking forward to travelling to Oz and the fun of learning what kind of tea they drink and how...

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Trials On The Art Trails- in Western Australia

It has been fun attending the Plantagenet Pottery Group, here in the local shire. (Shire is like a county, American folks). I was fortunate to arrive in time to catch the tail end of people making sculptures for the annual art trails exhibition and was encouraged to...

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Australia Wild: The Untimely Death of a Bobtail Lizard

When Laurie heard Chienne barking and went to investigate she came upon a frightening sight. The little terrier was face to face with a lizard that belonged in the reptile house of some zoo. At least sixteen inches long with a fat, heavy body and a purple mouth, the...

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