House Sitting on The Other Side of the World

We stepped off into a pitch black night, after a five hour long bus trip, two weary travelers and four suitcases. We were the only two disembarking here on a Sunday night in August. We had been traveling for over 48 hours and had crossed the International Dateline.

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A Few Purchases To Feel At Home While House sitting

I read a lot of other people's travel blogs. Many are youngish backpackers and a few have cleverly posted lists and photos of the things they pack, like Dan and Alissa at  thisworldrocks. As long term house sitters in Australia, we had to pack for three seasons of...

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Cordial, My New Favorite Beverage

When we first arrived here in Oz I learned that there is a local beverage that they call cordial (that is pronounced cor-dee-yal), though our English transplants friends call it "squash". This all rolling out of a conversation about "pumpkin", which really means...

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Australians Love Their Tea with Bickies and Coffee Too

Since I knew that Australia was originally settled by the British, I assumed that they drank tea there. I have enjoyed a cup of tea with breakfast for many years, so I was looking forward to travelling to Oz and the fun of learning what kind of tea they drink and how...

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Trials On The Art Trails- in Western Australia

It has been fun attending the Plantagenet Pottery Group, here in the local shire. (Shire is like a county, American folks). I was fortunate to arrive in time to catch the tail end of people making sculptures for the annual art trails exhibition and was encouraged to...

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Australia Wild: The Untimely Death of a Bobtail Lizard

When Laurie heard Chienne barking and went to investigate she came upon a frightening sight. The little terrier was face to face with a lizard that belonged in the reptile house of some zoo. At least sixteen inches long with a fat, heavy body and a purple mouth, the...

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Learning to Speak Australian

One of our decisions regarding house sitting was to start with English speaking countries until we were more comfortable with the process of moving about the world. We did want to see the world though, so Australia was a great choice for a house sit. Now that we are...

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Long Road to Oz

We have had a busy month full of changes and too much for one post, but I will do a recap of our travels for those who want to read a lot. Then get more into what it is like here, in Kendenup, in the next post. We left Boston, after a quick visit to Portland, Maine,...

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