House Sitting

House sitters take care of someone’s home and sometimes pets, and stay there at little or no monetary cost. It is an even exchange of labor for lodging. Becoming home and pet sitters has enabled us to stay for long periods of time in foreign countries as well as in places in the US and Canada we had always wanted to visit.

House sitting is not for everyone, but it can be a great way to travel more affordably.

Read the articles below to hear about some of our more interesting home and pet sitting experiences and to learn how to become a sitter yourself.

House Sitting on The Other Side of the World

We stepped off into a pitch black night, after a five hour long bus trip, two weary travelers and four suitcases. We were the only two disembarking here on a Sunday night in August. We had been traveling for over 48 hours and had crossed the International Dateline.

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What We Love About Slow Travel

You have probably heard of "slow food", but what about "slow travel"? We are on a journey of seeing the world with the goal of slowly savoring the places we visit. We may not see it all, nor do we visit all the tourist hot spots, but we are immersing ourselves in the...

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Best House Sitting Sites for House Sitters

Becoming a house sitter is a terrific way to save on travel expenses and live like a local. You will learn from this review of web sites where potential house sitters can find opportunities, which are the best sites to join.

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A Few Purchases To Feel At Home While House sitting

I read a lot of other people's travel blogs. Many are youngish backpackers and a few have cleverly posted lists and photos of the things they pack, like Dan and Alissa at  thisworldrocks. As long term house sitters in Australia, we had to pack for three seasons of...

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House Sitting, Beyond Your Typical Vacation

One thing I have noticed about house sitting is that it is definitely not like being on vacation, or on Holiday, as they say in OZ. The primary reason for that is that our main goal is not to see as many tourist sites as we can in a ten day period. We have decided...

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