Our resource pages contain articles and links to the best sources of information for travelers that we have discovered. We have found many diverse and interesting methods to travel more and stay longer on a small budget. On these pages we share our tips on how to make travel easier, safer and more fun.

Becoming a Nomad

So, you think you might like to pack up a few essentials and get out and see the world! Below, we give you all our tips (and some from fellow travelers) to help you get started living a life of freedom and adventure.

Best Travel Deals

During years of almost continuous travel, we have researched and worked with dozens of travel companies. These are the ones we recommend because they stand out in terms of value and ease of use.  We  like them and think that you will too.

House sitting basics

House sitters take care of someone’s home and sometimes pets, and stay there at little or no monetary cost. It is an even exchange of labor for lodging. Becoming home and pet sitters has enabled us to stay for long periods of time in foreign countries as well as in places in the US and Canada we had always wanted to visit.

House sitting is not for everyone, but it can be a great way to travel more affordably. Learn about our house sitting experiences and read articles on becoming a home and pet sitter

Choosing Travel Gear

Choosing gear can be a daunting task when you have a variety of travel plans. And plans change, so it can take a few tries to get the right gear for your needs. We have learned a lot in our time on the road. Here you will find suggestions on how to choose luggage, shoes, apparel and equipment for being on the move.

Choosing Travel Insurance

We have health insurance in the US, but it does not cover us when we travel in other countries. Travel insurance can help with this, and at a reasonable cost. Learn how these policies also cover lost luggage, family emergencies and more.

Stop Travel Stress

Travel always sounds so fun and exotic. When we hear about someone taking a trip, we celebrate with them and express our envy. But the realities of travel are often not very relaxing.

From planning a trip, to packing, to getting around in a new place, folks often experience stress and overwhelm.

Read this free report to learn what you can do to relieve travel stress.

More Resources

Best House Sitting Sites for House Sitters

Best House Sitting Sites for House Sitters

Becoming a house sitter is a terrific way to save on travel expenses and live like a local. You will learn from this review of web sites where potential house sitters can find opportunities, which are the best sites to join.

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How to Get More From Any Trip With Stopovers

How to Get More From Any Trip With Stopovers

Did you know that you can often add a popular city into your flight itinerary, whether it’s a round trip flight or a long-term, round the world trip, for very little additional money (sometimes none at all, and sometimes even less!). This post from BootsnAll has all...

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Solving The International Power and Plug Dilemma

Solving The International Power and Plug Dilemma

Keep us traveling and blogging! Purchasing our hand picked products through links on this site earn Neil and Laurie a commission at no cost to you. We appreciate your support. Being modern travelers, we enjoy using electronic devices that make international travel...

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