Chihuly Glass Spectacle in the Desert Garden

For more than 70 years, the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix Arizona has been teaching and inspiring visitors from the local community and around the world, providing research, exhibits and holding events designed to help us understand, protect and preserve the...

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Time Traveling to Massachusetts

Our cross country trip from West to East meant that we lost time almost every day. Fortunately we had three secret weapons that kept us going and made each day a new adventure.

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Traveling from Santa Rosa CA to Portland OR

As I sit in Ontario Canada on a bit of a grey day, it seems a good time to get started sharing about this experience. I am choosing to start with the travel. The history of the decision to do this is vast and will fill in on other sections of our blog as time allows....

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Lost and Found

Finally settled into our family home base in Holliston, MA. Neil's dad is comfortably set up in the downstairs apartment they created for him just six weeks ago. We arrived a few days ago from Santa Rosa, CA with a short detour to Portland, Oregon to see our kids....

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First stop, Portland OR

left our grown up kids in Portland, after a nice three days. Tonight we are headed for bed in Boise, Idaho. Next stop, Cheyenne, Wyoming. Read Next

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