Visiting the Umbrella Factory in Borsang, Thailand

The entire village of Borsang, Thailand revolves around the making of umbrellas. We had seen umbrellas like these in import stores in America, but never understood how much time and effort goes into their assembly.

The crafting of each umbrella takes many people because each step is done by hand.

Each of the crafters performs one step in the process of creating an umbrella.

The umbrella factory creates many sizes of umbrellas, from very small parasols…

…to large patio umbrellas.

After the construction of the umbrellas is completed, they are hand painted.

Each umbrella is hand painted by artists who each have their own style and personal designs.

 While visiting the factory, you can have an artist of your choice paint one of their designs on anything that you brought along or bought in the shop. Laurie commissioned this artist to paint a dragonfly on her computer bag.

The umbrella factory in Borsang is worth a visit. You can watch skilled craftsman build umbrellas and enjoy the vibrant colors and clever designs. If you are looking for unique souvenirs to take home, the shop has many items that can be decorated by the artists for a reasonable fee.

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