House Sitting

House sitters take care of someone’s home and sometimes pets, and stay there at little or no monetary cost. It is an even exchange of labor for lodging. Becoming home and pet sitters has enabled us to stay for long periods of time in foreign countries as well as in places in the US and Canada we had always wanted to visit.

House sitting is not for everyone, but it can be a great way to travel more affordably.

Read the articles below to hear about some of our more interesting home and pet sitting experiences and to learn how to become a sitter yourself.

Top 5 tips to becoming a house sitter

These basic tips are from, a web site that we can recommend for both house sitters and homeowners. We especially like how user friendly their web site is. We are enjoying our house sitting adventures. Come join us. You can read the tips here....

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Australia Wild: The Untimely Death of a Bobtail Lizard

When Laurie heard Chienne barking and went to investigate she came upon a frightening sight. The little terrier was face to face with a lizard that belonged in the reptile house of some zoo. At least sixteen inches long with a fat, heavy body and a purple mouth, the...

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Long Road to Oz

We have had a busy month full of changes and too much for one post, but I will do a recap of our travels for those who want to read a lot. Then get more into what it is like here, in Kendenup, in the next post. We left Boston, after a quick visit to Portland, Maine,...

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Tourist or Resident? Housesitter…uh huh, uh huh!

I took a break from writing while playing tourist, using our City Pass to visit sites in and around Toronto. The pass is good for 9 days, so we had to cram it all in, even with our leasurely two months of time here! As we visited the big ciy, at first I was pretty...

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Our Simple Housesitter Web Site Helps Us To Stand Out

By having a simple Wordpress blog set up as a house sitter web site, we are able to more easily show off our abilities, our experience, our qualifications and our personalities. Providing more information than we can fit in our profiles on the house sitting web sites,...

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A to Z Appreciations

We love finding ways of focusing on the things that we appreciate and are grateful for. We find that the more we notice what we like and enjoy, the more we find to appreciate and every moment is more positive. See what we mean with this game.

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Magical Time?

A good number of friends have expressed awe, appreciation, even envy over what we are up to. Depending upon my mood, I have different reactions. My most sarcastic response is something like this "You too can lose your house and most of your income and live this...

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That Being and Doing Thing

How do I value myself?   I am certainly not the first to notice that we tend to evaluate our own worth by our ability to contribute or produce in the world.   And, lately, I have gotten a lot of appreciation for doing meaningful work, supporting service...

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The Housesitting Lifestyle

If travel is high on your bucket list, but lodging costs are keeping you home, learn how becoming a house sitter will lower your costs and increase your ability to stay longer. Learn to live like a local.

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I Am In A Foreign Country!

This weekend is the unofficial beginning of spring in Canada because tomorrow is Victoria Day, and this weekend Canadians tend to head for "cottage country" to begin the summer parties and outdoor play. Last week the neighbor called to warn us the liquor store...

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