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This weekend is the unofficial beginning of spring in Canada because tomorrow is Victoria Day, and this weekend Canadians tend to head for “cottage country” to begin the summer parties and outdoor play. Last week the neighbor called to warn us the liquor store employees were threatening to strike and we should stock up before Friday.

So we headed out for a few bottles of wine. Beef Bourgingnon was on our menu, after all. We were stunned to see what stocking up means to some folks, but it was fun to explore the choices of wine. The clerk informed us that California has the best wine- was surprised to see us trying local wineries. The wines we chose from Pelee Island Winery were quite acceptable, as it turns out, and they had such pretty labels!

Today I found the forest trail cut off that leads right to the waterfront park, so I can skip walking along the busy street. My walk was 40 minutes today(yea! me) and then I came “home” and swept off the deck and front steps. Being a house sitter has its responsibilities! Oh, I also feed the fish. They handily live in one of the kids’ rooms where I have set up my computer. From this room, I can see the back yard and, if I open the window, I can hear the waterfall in the back pond. None of the fishes in there have been out lately.

My critter spotting has mostly been limited to a chipmunk, two squirrels and some pretty goldfinches in the back yard. Out by the riverĀ  and lake (where we walked yesterday) are swans, geese, terns, robins, red winged blackbirds and orioles. Yesterday on my walk by the lake, I spotted this furry guy just rummaging around on a grassy point. I shot a few pictures of him. Someone told me it was a beaver- not the right tail though- maybe a woodchuck? I bet someone will let me know.

So, there are a few things that remind me I am not in the US, one of which is the money. It its pretty and a lot like the Euros, which gave me a head start. They have those one and two dollar coins here, too.

Starting to feel like this is where I live, for now. Though some days I feel this sense that I am waiting to start my regular life. I find that I am not that well practiced at just “being”. For the last three years, my down time has usually been about adjusting to being home, unpacking, getting anxious about what is next and then preparing for the next trip. Then I did six months of being a long distance commuter to Fairfield and was really ready for a break. Well, the need for that has ended. It is time to attend to my inner guidance and see where I find myself each day. I am no expert at this! I will keep you all posted on how it unfolds.
From Port Credit, Ontario…Cheers!

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