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Leaving Portland on Saturday was exciting in many ways. It was time to begin our journey. And, though the first house sit would be for family, we were on our way to becoming intrepid vagabonds.
There is not much to tell about the six day drive across America. We made no tourist stops, just booking each day, and even then it was six days instead of the allotted  five. Having never done the trip in this direction I was shocked, at first, to find us losing time.
Each day we would plan our travel with a comfortable arrival time, only to find we had changed time zones and lost an hour. So, with the inevitable stops to stretch, dine etc we would arrive around 11PM , roll into to the room with the million things I had thought we would need for a comfortable night in a hotel, go to sleep and do it again.
Need I say that we tended to get a late start? This sort of travel could have been a big drag, if it were not for a few wonderful things!
1) Toyota Corolla- a marvel of comfort for such a modest car. Our vehicle was comfy, with most of our clothing packed in the roof bag, it carried us with ease and at about 34 miles to the gallon.
2) Sound System- my after factory stereo allowed us to play all the music and books in the whole wide world. We were especially entertained by the stories told by Tina Fey, Bossy Pants, Steve Martin, Stand Up and some tales by George Carlin. Having watched a documentary about the History of the Eagles, we traveled back to our younger days with Desperado and other Eagles hit singles.
3) Caffeine- I know I am not supposed to be loving coffee, but I really do. It did prevent me from getting right to sleep, as I would often need it just a wee bit too late in the drive, but I can only praise coffee, and its weaker sister, tea. Without them, I am sure we would have been wrapped around a guardrail in Nebraska or Indiana and never made it to Massachusetts. We are not as young as we once were! Nothing like a good jolt of caffeine to make the ride fun and the music sound great!
The final destination, Holliston, MA, was the last bit of time travel. Just minutes away from my childhood home, Holliston is like a step into the past, with its lovely country roads, farm stands for turkey and eggs and quaint downtown. Of course, the kids in the corner ice cream parlor have become smart phone toting, Italian Soda drinking mini adults at the corner creperie. Still they had very good iced coffee there and we could walk there from the house.

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