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Did you know that over 103,000 flights are canceled each year, and sometimes many more?

Airline travel can be a hassle, and few things are more frustrating than realizing your flight has been overbooked. But what if I told you that being bumped from your flight could actually work in your favor?

My wife and I want to travel as much as time and money allow. Saving money on flights is always a priority and over the years we have found lots of ways to do just that. But here is a strategy that we haven’t tried, yet.

In this blog post, Mike from Daily Drop, reveals the unusual airline travel hack that savvy flyers have been using for years to make the most of unexpected travel disruptions. It does require a change of mindset and isn’t for everyone. But Mike had a wonderful time and saved a bunch of money.

Got 7 bucks? You could save hundreds on airfare with the Ultimate Travel Hackers Toolkit. It comes with a 60-day guarantee too!

Check it out here.


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