Australia Photo Journal

The extraordinary opportunity to explore Australia was an unexpected treat for us.The locals welcomed us with broad smiles and generous invitations to be a part of their easy-going lifestyle.

Although the language was somewhat familiar, the unique and often hilarious Aussie slang astonished us each day with mystifying phrases that left us scratching our heads in puzzlement or laughing in confusion.

Australia is a land filled with bizarre and fascinating creatures. From the ubiquitous kangaroos and wallabies to the bewildering assortment of multicolored birds, huge lizards and goggle eyed tree mammals, the wildlife never ceased to entertain and enchant us.

The vast and varied scenery of the land down under includes immense gum trees, a dizzying array of wildflowers and spectacular rocky coastlines bordering the bright blue Indian and Southern Oceans. Visiting Australia was truly a wondrous adventure which often left us at a loss for words and with a longing to return again soon.

Baby Kangaroo in Crib

At the Uralla Wildlife Sanctuary in Western Australia baby roos are bottle fed by hand many times each day until they are old enough to feed on their own.

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Yummy, Petite Albany Rock Oysters

On the southern coast of Western Australia you can find the sweet and oh so delicious Albany Rock Oyster. These fresh, delectable bivalves are small in size and very affordable there.

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Laurie and Neil gave away or sold 99.9% of their possessions for a new life as international travelers. They share the secrets of how they turn limited resources into a life of unlimited fun and adventure. Read more

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