Bali Photo Journal

Bali and its warm, friendly people and breathtaking landscapes amazed us daily, during our time in Ubud and the surrounding countryside. Dazzling flowers and lush green plants were everywhere we turned.

Beauty abounds in Bali, from the tiniest flower to the verdant rice fields and huge tropical blooms. The Balinese people view the creation of art as a religious practice and take care and pride in each offering they craft.

Each day, as we walked around Ubud, or toured the region by motorbike or car, we were astounded anew by the gorgeous colors, the lively villages and the spectacular scenery, architecture, carvings and paintings.

Tilling the Rice Fields in Bali

In Bali, farmers use gas driven plows, looking like giant lawnmowers, to till a muddy rice field. White egrets follow them around, eating the small creatures that are unearthed.

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Topeng Tua Classic Balinese Dancer

In the classical Balinese dance called Topeng Tua the dancer performs slow dramatic gestures, including some, meant to be humorous. Performances are filled with stunning costumes and unique music.

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Terraced Rice Fields near Ubud, Bali

Rice is the staple food for Indonesia and rice fields can be found all over the island of Bali. In each of these fields can be seen rice in every stage of development, from newly planted to ready to harvest.

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