Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower at Karsa Spa, Ubud, Bali

This beautiful Lotus Flower at the Karsa Spa in Ubud, Bali symbolizes the serenity and calm that the recipient of their massages receive.

Balinese Offerings

Bali Daily Offerings

The Balinese practice spiritual traditions in their daily life. One obvious example of this is the offerings, such as this one on a busy street in Ubud, that you will see all over Bali.

Sheds Are Ubiquitous in Australia

Sheds Are Ubiquitous In Rural Australia

Check out the huge sheds that the folks in Western Australia have on their property. This one is large enough for a full workshop, yard maintenance equipment, a laundry, and room to play ball.

Porongurup Tea Rooms

Porongurup Tea Rooms in the Porongurup Range

The Porongurup Tasting Room is the only restaurant inside the Porongurup National Park where we visited to see the abundant and magnificent wildflowers.

Huge, Tame Pelicans at Emu Point Marina

We’ve seen pelicans before, but were never able to get this close. These birds in Australia are huge-fully three feet tall! They have these enormous eyes that look like they were painted on.

Giant Termite Mounds of Western Australia

The most massive termite mounds we’ve ever seen are in Western Australia. They are often 10 feet tall and commonly encircle whole trees. The termites in Australia are voracious!

Baby Kangaroo in Crib

At the Uralla Wildlife Sanctuary in Western Australia baby roos are bottle fed by hand many times each day until they are old enough to feed on their own.

Orchid at ARMA Museum in Ubud, Bali

Balinese Orchid at ARMA Museum in Ubud

Bali is home to a few really world class art collections. The Agung Rai Museum of Art in Ubud is filled with wonderful paintings and sculpture by local and international artists.

Motorbike Frog in Australia Uncannily Sounds Exactly Like a Motorbike

The all of the Australian Motor Bike frog sounds exactly like the revving of a distant motorbike. Another of the amazingly interesting creatures from down under.

Breathtaking Dragon Fountain Sculpture at Ulun Danu Beratan

Extraordinary beauty from the remarkable landscaped grounds of the Ulun Danu Beratan, Temple of the Lake in Bali. This Huge Twin Dragon Sculpture is breathtaking.

Welcome to the Joyful Journeying Photo Journal

This year will mark our fourth year of almost continuous travel. We have traveled across the United States and Canada, in Asia, Oceana and Central America.

Our travels lead us to discover so many wonderful places and we have so many great adventures. Along the way, we have learned how to travel extensively on our meager budget. We write about our adventures and assist others in realizing their travel dreams on our blog JoyfulJourneying.com.

The Joyful Journeying Photo Journal is our place to inspire you to have your own travel adventures. We share photographs and stories of the many sights that have made our lives richer and lots more fun.

We hope these images encourage you to see more of what this amazing planet has to offer!


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