Coffee and Cake at Gilberts Winery near Kendenup

We met some of our new friends for coffee in the garden at the Gilbert’s Winery, just down the road from where we are house sitting in Kendenup, Western Australia.

Bathers at Temple Tirta Empul

Bathing in the Holy Waters of Tirta Empul

The temple Tirta Empul is one of Bali’s most revered water temples. Here people with both physical and emotional afflictions can come to make offerings, pray and bathe.

Chienne, Jack Russell Terrier Has Energy To Spare

In Western Australia, we enjoyed the antics of an extremely energetic Jack Russell Terrier named Chienne. She is quick as a fox and effortlessly jumps three feet in the air.

Motorbike Frog in Australia Uncannily Sounds Exactly Like a Motorbike

The all of the Australian Motor Bike frog sounds exactly like the revving of a distant motorbike. Another of the amazingly interesting creatures from down under.

Cute Australian Creature Crossing Signs

Australia is of course well known for it’s variety of unusual animals. Since it is a very sparsely populated continent, these animals roam wild in the bush.

baby roo in voluteers pouch

Wildlife Sanctuary for Baby Roos

Two women from the wildlife sanctuary had baby kangaroos in their apron pockets and Laurie got to pet one. They rescue the orphans and raise them til they can be released into the bush.

Low tech motorbike sun shade, Ubud, Bali

Ingenuious Low Tech Motorbike Sun Visor

The Balinese solution to a heated up motorbike using an opened-up cardboard box has the advantage of being free, and you don’t have to carry it along with you.

Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower at Karsa Spa, Ubud, Bali

This beautiful Lotus Flower at the Karsa Spa in Ubud, Bali symbolizes the serenity and calm that the recipient of their massages receive.

Topeng Tua Classic Balinese Dancer

In the classical Balinese dance called Topeng Tua the dancer performs slow dramatic gestures, including some, meant to be humorous. Performances are filled with stunning costumes and unique music.

Coconuts along the road side, Ubud, Bali

Roadside Coconuts for Recycling in Ubud, Bali

In Bali, fresh coconut water is a popular beverage. At first we thought that these coconuts were awaiting customers. We later learned that someone will eventually come by and recycle them.

Welcome to the Joyful Journeying Photo Journal

We have been traveling almost continuously since April 2013. We have traveled across the United States and Canada, in Southeast Asia, Oceana and Central America.

Our travels lead us to discover so many wonderful places and we have so many great adventures. Along the way, we have learned how to travel extensively on our meager budget. We write about our adventures and assist others in realizing their travel dreams on our blog

The Joyful Journeying Photo Journal is our place to inspire you to have your own travel adventures. We share photographs and stories of the many sights that have made our lives richer and lots more fun.

We hope these images encourage you to see more of what this amazing planet has to offer!


What’s New Here?

Marvelous Holiday Celebrations in Patzcuaro, Mexico

Marvelous Holiday Celebrations in Patzcuaro, Mexico

We had the opportunity to return to the pueblo magico, Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico for a lovely house sit. In December we had a splendid time watching the daily transformation of the Plaza Grande into a Christmas wonderland of giant figures.

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Seaweed Strewn Beach, Maine Coast

Seaweed Strewn Beach, Maine Coast

The central coast of Maine is known for it’s many picturesque beaches. Many of these beaches border the long necks that jut out into the ocean and are very rocky.

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