Huge, Tame Pelicans at Emu Point Marina

We’ve seen pelicans before, but were never able to get this close. These birds in Australia are huge-fully three feet tall! They have these enormous eyes that look like they were painted on.

Striking Princess Flower in Bali, Indonesia

The Princess Flower, also known as the Glory Bush grows wild in Bali, Indonesia. This stunning specimen was photographed on the roadside in the village of Tirta Tiwar.

Giant Termite Mounds of Western Australia

The most massive termite mounds we’ve ever seen are in Western Australia. They are often 10 feet tall and commonly encircle whole trees. The termites in Australia are voracious!

View from the Stairway to the Bibbulmun Track

Today’s Adventure on the Southern Coast

This deserted stretch of beach in Western Australia has access to the Bibbulmun Track, a 1000 Kilometer trail you can hike from the city of Albany all the way north to Perth, about five hours by car.

Laurie mowing orchard in Kendenup, WA

Mowing a Twelve Acre Orchard Can Be Fun

The wonderful 12-acre orchard where we are house sitting in Kendenup, Western Australia has grass that needs mowing every few weeks. Thankfully, the homeowners purchased a brand new riding lawnmower.

Grandma Tingle Tree

Grandma Tingle Tree in Ancient Australian Forest

The burls and gnarled bark of this distinctive red tingle tree in Western Australia give it an almost human character…

Up Mount Barker Hill for Spectacular Views

Spectacular views await the visitor to Mt. Barker Hill in Western Australia. Also, the tallest television tower in the Southern Hemisphere. Some spectacular wildflowers too!

Woman working in rice fields in Bali

Daily Beauty in the Rice Fields near Ubud, Bali

This woman working in the rice fields arrested my eye with themy shape her body made as she bent in the vibrant green rice field in her tangerine colored clothing.

Taman Sari Guest House terrace

How’s the Weather in Bali?

The weather in Bali in January is hot and humid during the day. There are frequent rain showers. At night however it cools off and once the breeze picks up, is quite comfortable for sleeping.

Balinese Wood Carving of Winged Lion

The Balinese are expert at wood carving, stone carving, batik, and painting. Tou can buy exceptional handicrafts throughout Bali Shops in Ubud sell wonderful art objects.

Welcome to the Joyful Journeying Photo Journal

This year will mark our fourth year of almost continuous travel. We have traveled across the United States and Canada, in Asia, Oceana and Central America.

Our travels lead us to discover so many wonderful places and we have so many great adventures. Along the way, we have learned how to travel extensively on our meager budget. We write about our adventures and assist others in realizing their travel dreams on our blog

The Joyful Journeying Photo Journal is our place to inspire you to have your own travel adventures. We share photographs and stories of the many sights that have made our lives richer and lots more fun.

We hope these images encourage you to see more of what this amazing planet has to offer!


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