Laurie and I both really like ice cream, but we also prefer not to ingest a ton of dairy or too many calories. So we have switched to eating frozen yoghurt, particulary the lower fat variety.

When we were housesitting near Toronto, Canada, we found a truly delicious low fat yoghurt that was also very affordable. We were in frozen dessert heaven for the two months we stayed there.

Sadly, Western Australia is decidedly lacking in frozen confections and the few that are available have chemicals and cost too much. Our solution was to purchase a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker (which we had to order online) and make our own low fat frozen yoghurt.

Draining yoghurt to make low fat frozen yoghurt

For the past few months we have been creating and improving our recipes and have come up with a few really tasty ones that have been keeping us quite happy.

If the idea of making your own low fat frozen yoghurt dessert interests you, here are some of our recipes.
Neil and Lauries low fat frozen yoghurt recipes

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