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Our visit to Japan was an unexpected treat and was much too brief—a five day stopover during our flight from Bangkok to Boston. However, we were able to see enough to want to spend much more time there.
Upon landing in Tokyo we were instantly immersed in a culture that was so foreign to us that we felt like we were on another planet. Yet the sights, sounds and smells were also vaguely familiar and welcoming.
Japan is a country rife with the appealing contrast of the ancient and the ultramodern. The ancient temples and statues we saw were spellbinding, as was the artistry of the numerous parks and gardens.
We were lucky enough to be in Tokyo at the start of the cherry blossom season and we joined the excited throngs of locals in the parks, gaping at, and photographing the splendor of the pink, white and red blossoms. It was delightful to witness how much the Japanese appreciate nature’s display.
Everything we ate in Tokyo and the surrounding small towns, from tiny mom and pop kitchens to the larger restaurants, was astonishingly delicious. Even the fast food was tasty. And yet, much of it contained ingredients that were difficult for us to identify.
We had a wonderful experience traveling in Japan. There are so many unique sights and experiences to enjoy. We hope to return soon.

Cosplay Girls in Harajuku

Cosplay Girls in Harajuku

The Harajuku neighborhood in Tokyo is where Japanese people, especially young folks, gather on the weekends. A focus of the area is cosplay costumes- the way the girls in this photo are dressed.

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