Canada Photo Journal

With it’s diverse landscapes and the wonder of nature everywhere we look, we are always enchanted by the mountains, forests, lakes, and seascapes of Canada. This sparsely populated country contains some of the most pristine environments in the world.

Among all this wild beauty are modern cities brimming with world-class restaurants, museums, art galleries and cultural entertainment. There are also a myriad of charming small towns, each with their own unique character.

Canada is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations and is a country that is officially bilingual with both French and English spoken in many areas. This diversity translates into a fascinating land where we encountered interesting and friendly people.

Mating Butterflies

These stunning Asain Swallowtail tropical butterflies, photographed at the Toronto Zoo in Canada, were in the act of mating, portray a mirror image of each other.

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Jack Darling Park on Lake Ontario

On weekends, the delightful Jack Darling Park in Ontario, Canada was full of families picnicking and cooking on hibachis while enjoying the lake shore. These families were comprised of an amazing diversity of cultures.

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Laurie and Neil gave away or sold 99.9% of their possessions for a new life as international travelers. They share the secrets of how they turn limited resources into a life of unlimited fun and adventure. Read more

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