These days, everyone travels with their electronic devices because they make travel so much more convenient and fun. We all have our smartphones, laptops, tablets, ipods and e-book readers. Our own list of electronic and battery powered devices is quite extensive: Sonicare electric toothbrush, oral irrigator, men’s shaver, flashlight, cameras, Bluetooth speaker, and more!
Each of these devices must be kept charged, and because some of them are battery operated, we also travel with a battery charger and batteries. Although electricity at the outlet comes in only two flavors, 110 volts or 220/240 volts, plug types and sizes vary widely from country to country.

For that reason, travelers require an electric plug adapter (also called a gender changer), that will fit into the many different types of outlets. These adapters don”t change the current from 110v to 220v, they just allow us to plug in devices with different plugs. Fortunately, most modern electronics are adaptable to either voltage (best to check though! See below*).

Newer travel adaptors have incorporated USB charging ports as well, which makes them a convenient way to charge the many types of electronics that use USB micro chargers.

Over the years, we have tried various brands of worldwide travel adaptors. You can find them at prices as low as USD$4.00 and higher than USD$60.00. So which ones to buy? We spend considerable time researching and purchasing products, not only for our own travel needs, but because our fans and followers depend on us to point them to the best products that are also a good value.

When it comes to worldwide travel adapters there are lots of good choices and many of these are re-branded products manufactured at the same  facility. We think that the best adapters are compact, have USB charging ports, have electronic protection, adapt to all of the types of plugs you may encounter, and of course are well built.
The following products tick all the boxes and have satisfied the large majority of purchasers

*But what if you want to bring your U.S. 110v electrical appliances with you when you travel to a country that provides 220v at the power source? In that case, what you need is a power converter with universal adapters. These products are a bit more expensive, but enable you to plug in any 110v only appliance (up to the power rating of the converter).
So, if you have an older device that will only work at 110v, or one that requires power in the 100 watt to 220 watt range, these will work for you. Some high wattage appliances, such as hair dryers, curling irons and clothes irons, may still require too much power – you have to check the appliance to see what is the rated wattage.

This is our pick of 220v to 110v international power converters:

  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • Handles a very powerful 2200 watts
  • Specifically designed for American travelers
  • Works in over 200 countries

The following are highly rated and are a good value

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