When we are traveling (which is most of the year), we need a laptop that excels at web browsing, email and word processing. We also want one that is light and compact with good performance. ASUS Chromebooks are the perfect choice for travelers. They start up in just 10 seconds, which is so nice when you have something on your mind that you want to write down, like right now, or when you need to check immediately what time that flight leaves!

When Laurie lets Neil use her beautiful chromebook, he always covets it. Unfortunately for him, he needs a more powerful Windows machine that can run Photoshop and Premiere for editing photos and videos.

The downside to more processing power and storage is a lot more weight, so Neil is the one with the larger backpack and sagging shoulders. Another big difference is the price – the ASUS chromebook is priced in the $200 range, whereas Neil’s Windows laptop cost over $900.

A chromebook does not run Windows. Instead its operating systerm is Google’s ChromeOS, which is much faster. Instead of using MS Office applications, you use Google apps – Docs, Sheets, and Slides. It only has 16GB -32GB of hard drive space, so most anything that you want to save, is saved (or synched) to the cloud via Google Drive.

Using different apps and keyboard shortcuts took Laurie some time getting used to, but she loves how light and portable the chromebook is and enjoys not having to worry about leaving it plugged in or charging it up all the time. When she wants to search the web, make some quick notes, or send an email, the ASUS chromebook is always at hand ready to go, with no waiting!

For the vast majority of travelers, we think this is the perfect laptop. And if the meager amount of hard drive space ever becomse an issue, you can always plug in an 128GB flash drive and have plenty of space for photos and music. But you probably won’t need to, since Google Drive gives you 15GB of space in the cloud for free, and doesn’t count towards your total uploaded photos (Google Photos) or any documents, spreadsheets or presentations created with Google apps!

Here are more features of the ASUS  Chromebook — C300SA and more recent models

Starts in a flash with 10 hours of battery life

Start your ASUS Chromebook C300 in a flash and keep moving lightning fast as you cruise through your to-do list or favorite video streaming site. With up to 10 hours of battery life* you can enjoy your chromebook unplugged. Featuring a refined chiclet keyboard and the largest touchpad in its class, this 13.3-inch Chromebook gives you plenty of space to type, zoom and scroll no matter your hand size, while staying portable for a carrying bag of virtually any size.

*Battery life may vary depending on usage type and conditions. 10 hours was determined by looping local video playback at higher than 80 nits and the default display brightness level.

The perfect traveling companion

At only 3 pounds, it’s easier than ever to carry your 13.3-inch, ultra-slim ASUS Chromebook C300 with you in a bag or with only one hand. Slide and glide your fingertips with room to spare on the largest touchpad available on a Chromebook. For even greater control, the chiclet keyboard is enhanced with keys that more accurately register the presses you want to increase your typing speed and precision.

Made for your online lifestyle

If you spend more time online than off, cruising websites, watching online videos and keeping productive through the virtual world, ASUS Chromebook C300 is optimized for your mobile lifestyle. Dual-core Intel Bay-Trail processor lets you multitask to instantly switch between your apps and several browser tabs all while staying energy efficient. Plus with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, surf the web with up to 3 times the speed of previous gen wireless* to get to where you’re going faster than ever before.

*802.11ac wireless speeds compared to 802.11n data transfer speeds. Actual speeds may vary.

Online entertainment gateway

Movies and pictures look flawless on the 1366 by 768 HD display that has a matte finish to use it in both dim and brightly lit environments. Couple that with ASUS-enhanced sound chambers, enjoy ear-pleasing audio that makes your media come to life wherever you go. With an HDMI port, easily stream high quality content to a larger external display or TV to turn your living room into an online entertainment gateway. Need to transfer files or charge your phone? No problem with the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port. And if you need to connect to a person, ASUS Chromebook C300 has a built-in webcam for crystal clear video chats.

Key Features

  • Power-efficient Intel Celeron 1.6GHz Dual-Core N3060 Processor and 4GB 1866MHz DDR3 Memory
  • The ASUS C300 Chromebook is Ultra-Mobile weighing less than 3lbs and delivery 10-hour Battery-Life
  • The ASUS Chromebook C300 features the latest, fastest 802.11ac delivering High-Speed WiFi connectivity
  • You’ll have Flexible Storage Expansion with multiple I/O ports ranging from SD Card and USB 3.0
  • The Built-in HDMI port enables you to connect to a Big-Screen TV to share photos or watch movies
  • 13.3” backlit HD non-glossy screen(1366*768)
  • Chrome Operating System

More recent models of ASUS Chromebooks have even more impressive features and the price continues to make them great deals and the perfect lightweight travel laptop.

Chromebooks continue to evolve and some now come with larger screen sizes as well as in convertible laptops form. One of these is sure to prove to be your perfect travel companion, when the idea of lugging around a heavy Windows laptop does not sound like much fun!