Laurie purchased this snorkel set very soon after she learned to snorkel and it worked well for her. This set has everything a beginner snorkeler needs and the components are of good quality. We love to snorkel and do it as often as we can. We always travel with our snorkel gear and have enjoyed exploring the underwater world in Kauai, Oahu, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Thailand, Bali and Mexico.

The Trek fins that come with this snorkel set are perfect for travelers because they fit well in even a small suitcase. They are also easier to walk in than other fins and have plenty of power for snorkeling. They are quite comfortable to wear for long periods too.

After spending a couple of months on assignment in Hawaii and doing a lot of snorkeling, Laurie eventually purchased a high end mask and double tube snorkel at a dive shop. It was an expensive purchase, but she was ready for top quality gear. She continues to enjoy using the US Divers Trek fins.

This snorkeling set includes the Diva 1 LX mask, Island Dry LX Snorkel, a pair of Trek fins, and a handy wet bag to keep it all together, all from US Divers. It is similar to the mens snorkeling set, with design tweaks to better fit women .

The US Divers brand is part of the Aqua Lung America company of which Captain Jacques Cousteau, explorer and inventor of the Aqua Lung, was the company’s first Chairman of the Board

Here are the features of this womens complete snorkeling set

Diva 1 LX mask:

  • Low profile single lens design with feminine features
  • Hypoallergenic silicone face skirt provides ultimate comfort
  • Pinch and pull Pro-Glide buckles for easy adjustment and a custom fit

Island Dry LX snorkel:

  • 100% submersible snorkel with Pivot Dry Technology
  • Submersible dry-top
  • Hypoallergenic silicone mouth piece built for maximum comfort
  • Full flex section with purge valve
  • Ergonomically-shaped snorkel for proper positioning and comfort
  • Improved snorkel keeper for securely attaching to mask

Trek fin:

  • Dual-composite fin blade for supreme snap, power, and styling
  • Compact length is ideal as a travel fin or for other water sports activities
  • Soft and comfortable foot pocket
  • Easy to adjust buckles

Learn about US Divers Pivot-Fit Technology in this video

Pivot-Fit Technology is the result of many years of snorkeling and diving experience. The Pivot-Fit mask design provides the ultimate in function and comfort to ensure that your snorkeling adventures are as fun and comfortable as possible.

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An Exciting New Design in Snorkel Diving Masks

A couple of years ago, a new integrated diving mask and snorkel system was introduced. This new full face system has become quite popular, especially to the newest generation of snorkelers. You can find many folks using this new system wherever you go snorkeling.

The new system offers a panoramic view and makes breathing seem freer and more natural. It also seems to fog less than the older separate mask and snorkel design.

If you are new to snorkeling, or want to see if this system works better for you, check out the details a the link below.

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