Hi. Welcome to our travel gear store.

We are Neil and Laurie. In 2012, we sold our home and almost everything we owned to begin a life of travel and adventure. We have been traveling continually for the past several years.

Laurie-&-Neil-on-Quad in Costa Rica

We have visited Eastern and Western Australia, Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Honduras and Mexico, as well as spending time house sitting in many places in both the Eastern and Western parts of the United States. We have been writing about our adventures on our travel blog, Joyful Journeying.

As we traveled, we learned what things we absolutely needed to bring with us and what things are best purchased abroad. We have done extensive research and tried out lots of travel gear and accessories. The products on these pages are our picks for the best stuff for travelers.

Every item on these pages meets our strict criteria.

  1. It a quality made item that will last a long time
  2. It is a great value. We always buy the lowest cost item that will perfectly fulfill our needs
  3. It is worth it’s weight in our suitcase. In other words,  it is important enough to us to use valuable luggage real estate

Many of the items in our travel store are available on Amazon.com or other online retailers. If we have found a less expensive place to purchase the item, we will include a link on the product page.

We hope you enjoy the things that you find in our store. Most of them we use almost daily and enjoy owning them. We had the opportunity of selling off almost all our possessions when we left our old sedentary life in California.

We have learned that most of the things we thought we “had to have” eventually became a bit of a burden. For that reason, we put a tremendous (some might say excessive) amount of thought into each of the things we purchase. If it isn’t a perfect fit for us and our lifestyle, we let it go.

Have fun!