Since we always travel with two laptops, two smartphones and two Kindle Paperwhites, a tablet may seem like one more device than we really need. This Nexus 7-inch tablet by Asus easily fits in our pack or purse, so we can have it with us when we are riding the bus or walking around a foreign city, when we obviously wouldn’t carry our laptops.

Maps are so much easier to read on the larger screen than our phones have, and the MAPS.ME app doesn’t need WiFi to know where we are, because the maps are on the device. We also have our Google Docs stored on the tablet, so our lists of places we want to visit, things to do and buy and so forth are on hand.

Plus, we can have full color travel ebook guides with us wherever we roam since the Nexus 7 does a good job of displaying PDFs.

Back in our lodgings, or anywhere we have WiFi, a tablet is the perfect Skype accessory. It has two cameras so we can show friends and family the sights in real time. The big, bright screen makes it easy to see them too.

The Nexus has good battery life and runs on Android so there are tons of handy useful travel apps that we use on it such as Agoda, Skyscanner, Expedia, Tripit, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Trivago, and SmartTraveler. The 32Gb version has plenty of room for photos and music too.

From Asus on the Google Nexus 7 Tablet (7-Inch|32 GB|Black) by ASUS (2013):

Best of Google

Nexus 7 comes loaded with your favorite Google apps – like Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Hangouts and Google Now – so you can browse, watch, share and stay connected wherever you go. And because Google apps are designed for the cloud, everything is simple and works seamlessly across your phone, tablet and computer. Now you have all the stuff you need, when you need it.

Capture every moment

Video conferencing and face-to-face chats with family and friends are more seamless than ever. 1.2MP front and 5MP auto-focus rear cameras and the f/2.4 aperture allows you to capture every moment with rich photos or crisp Full HD video.

Bright Sharp Screen

With 323 pixels packed into every inch, you can read text that’s sharper than the printed page, see images more vivid than the highest quality photo magazine, and watch videos come to life in vibrant 1080p HD.

Share your tablet with friends and family

Each person has a separate customizable space, including personal homescreen, wallpaper, apps, storage, and more. You can also manage access to apps and content to create an experience that’s appropriate for each member of the family.

Lighter than ever, lasts longer

At just 0.64lbs (290g), the Nexus 7 is light enough to take anywhere and fits easily in bags, backpacks, and even back-pockets. With up to 9 hours of HD video playback and 10 hours of web browsing or e-reading, there’s plenty of juice to get you through the day, and built-in wireless charging means you can charge, grab, and go.

Google Play ready

Kick back with the world’s largest collection of eBooks, listen to millions of music tracks with All Access, and immerse yourself in thousands of movies and TV shows on Google Play.

Play games too

Nexus 7 is great for gaming. You can tilt, tap, and touch your way to the top. The brand new Play Games app also lets you track your achievements, play with (or against) friends and gamers around the world, and discover new exciting games. And with an ever-expanding number of tablet-optimized apps like Flipboard, Expedia, or The Fancy, you’ll find all the apps you love, and love the many new apps you’ll find.

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