Of course there are many American products that are not available in Australia, just as there are products in Australia that you would never find in the U.S. And some products are available in both places with interesting changes.

This one made us laugh. The familiar Rice Krispies are called Rice Bubbles in Australia. They still go snap, crackle, pop.

They are more like bubbles than krispies any way, aren’t they?

Rice Bubbles Cereal around the web

In Australia, a slice is a layered confection that is like an American cookie bar or square. This recipe for Rice Bubbles Slice is just like the popular American treat known as Rice Krispy Treats.

These days, most parents are a bit reluctant to make this treat as it is known for its use of marshmallows and high sugar content. According to the Rice Bubble nutritional information on Kellogg’s web site, Rice Bubble’s themselves have over 29g of sugar per serving and it’s calorie count is 550kJ!

More facts about the Australian difference

There are surprising, and often hilarious differences between the way we speak English in the United States and the Aussie way. Read the full article to learn more.

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