It was a sunny, cool day today, so we decided to drive about 40km to visit Denmark, WA. This is an area where we plan to spend a lot more time because there are amazing beaches and natural wonders nearby.

The little town appealed to us with it’s wooden boardwalks and cute shops, reminding us a little of Sebastopol, CA. We spent some time in the art galleries in town and particularly enjoyed the Riverfront Gallery.

We found a nice little cafe for lunch, called Temptations. Like most of this type of restaurant in Australia, you order at a counter and pay the bill and they bring the food to your table when it is ready.

There is no tax on food in restaurants. There is also no tipping, which feels strange at first to us Americans, used to adding 20% to the cost of a meal.

The town of Denmark is bisected by the Denmark River with relaxing parks and picnic spots along it’s tree lined banks. There are great expanses of grass with benches and tables and we enjoyed the exotic waterfowl.

Although it is a little early for beach weather in late September, the shoreline is so picturesque and we saw plenty of surfers in wet suits attempting to ride the waves at the Ocean Beach Surf Club where we stopped to watch the action.

We very much enjoyed our visit to Denmark and plan to return when the weather warms up and enjoy the many beaches.

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