Every day, when I step out the front gate of our guest house, Taman Sari, I see neighbors walking, sitting and working in their fields. This woman struck me with the shape her body made as she bent in the vibrant green rice field in her tangerine colored clothing.

This morning I got up and went for a walk around 8:00 AM, which is really too late to enjoy the morning light. It is starting to be warmer than when we arrived just over a week ago. The frequent rains seem to have slowed the last few days. We are enjoying more rides into the fields on our little motorbike, just to feel the cooling breeze in the evening.

The neighbors are beginning to recognize us and the folks at the warung next door wave and shout greetings as we cruise past. People say good morning, selamat pagi, or just PAGI! as we pass. We are taking lots of photos of the plants, fields, flowers and trees and I love the gates of metal and lovely designs, and the carved wooden doors.

Soon I will have to post my photos of doors and windows in a gallery of their own!

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