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Traveling by plane these days is never a “fun” experience. With the long lines at checkout and at security, flight delays, and the absence of healthful food options, flight days are always stressful. The time spent inflight itself in economy, can be tolerated if it isn’t too long, and if there is entertainment available.

But long-haul flights present a whole other level of discomfort and boredom. Even years later, I can recall the flight from Bankok to Chicago–it seemed interminable.

A flight attendant with 24 years experience has written a helpful article about the strategies that he has uses to make the time go by faster and to keep himself comfortable.

He discusses important questions about when and what to eat, sleeping on the plane, and what to do if you can’t.

He also provides tips on feeling fresh after sleeping on a plane and answers whether taking off our shoes is ever acceptable.

You will also learn about bringing your own pillow (you should) and snacks onboard and how to choose the best seat.

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You can read the full article about Surviving a Long Haul Flight here.

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