Here you’ll find special trips and splurge adventures we thought were totally worth spending on. We just don’t say “no” to visiting rescued wild animals, snorkeling in pristine waters or hiking to spectacular waterfalls.

We did our share of strenuous hikes and ziplining in our younger days. These days, we don’t need adrenaline rushes to have a fun adventure. Almost anything out of the norm is an adventure to us.There are wonders round every corner when you are in an exotic place like Thailand or Bali.

We have found that just living somewhere different, riding a bus, or shopping in a foreign market is another kind of adventure. Life is so much more of a delight when everything is new and a little unpredictable. Take a peek into our take on adventuring around the globe and see what sparks your imagination.

Trials On The Art Trails- in Western Australia

It has been fun attending the Plantagenet Pottery Group, here in the local shire. (Shire is like a county, American folks). I was fortunate to arrive in time to catch the tail end of people making sculptures for the annual art trails exhibition and was encouraged to...

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Australia Wild: The Untimely Death of a Bobtail Lizard

When Laurie heard Chienne barking and went to investigate she came upon a frightening sight. The little terrier was face to face with a lizard that belonged in the reptile house of some zoo. At least sixteen inches long with a fat, heavy body and a purple mouth, the...

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Learning to Speak Australian

One of our decisions regarding house sitting was to start with English speaking countries until we were more comfortable with the process of moving about the world. We did want to see the world though, so Australia was a great choice for a house sit. Now that we are...

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Long Road to Oz

We have had a busy month full of changes and too much for one post, but I will do a recap of our travels for those who want to read a lot. Then get more into what it is like here, in Kendenup, in the next post. We left Boston, after a quick visit to Portland, Maine,...

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Tourist or Resident? Housesitter…uh huh, uh huh!

I took a break from writing while playing tourist, using our City Pass to visit sites in and around Toronto. The pass is good for 9 days, so we had to cram it all in, even with our leasurely two months of time here! As we visited the big ciy, at first I was pretty...

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Serene Beauty of Humber Arboretum

The Humber Arboretum is an enchanting mix of natural areas and cultivated gardens. We saw Lavender, Peonies in a dozen colors, Pentstemmon, 3-foot tall Drum Allium, and huge Rhodedendrons, which seem to do really well and grow to enormous size in Ontario.

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Laurie and Neil gave away or sold 99% of their possessions for a new life as international travelers. They share the secrets of how they turn limited resources into a life of unlimited fun and adventure. Read more


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