Panasonic LUMIX 30X Zoom Travel Camera DMC-ZS50S

We believe that a compact camera with a good zoom lens is perfect for travel photography. With a camera that is small and easy to pack, you will be ready for every photo opportunity. The DMCZS50S is easy to use and takes terrific photographs in almost any light.

LUMIX 30X Travel Zoom Camera with Eye Viewfinder

We have been traveling with two LUMIX cameras for a couple of years and we are very happy with the photographs that they take. They are easy to use, but also have a lot of advanced features for tricky light conditions. They consistently produce sharp, clear, brilliant images. We also like that the rechargeable battery lasts a very long time.

The best camera for travel photography is the one that you will have with you when you come upon a photo opportunity. And this LUMIX camera fits the bill with it’s compact size.

You can see lots of our photos on our Best Travel Photos pages here.

This camera also takes stunning HD videos that rival those from compact video cameras

Product Features

  • LUMIX 30X Travel Zoom Camera with Eye Viewfinder
  • Enhanced low-light sensitivity for improved sharpness even without a flash
  • Built-in eye viewfinder eliminates outdoor glare on sunny days

Get closer with the 30x Zoom LEICA Lens
Bring every subject in closer and more clearly with the Leica 24mm DC Vario-Elmar lens and durable 30x optical zoom.

Stunning in Low Light — High Sensitivity MOS Sensor
Even in low-light environments, you can capture more detail and less image noise with the new, larger pixel-size High Sensitivity MOS sensor and Venus Engine image processor. And enjoy stunning photos and videos.

See Clearer With The Live View Finder
Wherever your travels take you, the precision Live View Finder helps get the shot. Perfect for image framing when light conditions make using the LED screen difficult, the eye sensor automatically detects viewing preference and switches to the LVF. Its high 1.166k-dot resolution, with approximately 100% color reproduction, delivers stable framing and superb visibility, in any light condition.

Be In Control — Control Ring
The lens-mounted Control Ring provides easier manual control for exposure, zoom and focus, leaving you free to concentrate on shutter operation. Intuitive design, precise focusing and smooth, silent operation gives you total control of every photo and video you create.

Experience The Action — High Speed Response
No matter how fast your subject moves, the ZS50 shoots just as fast with Light Speed Auto Focus and 10fps High Speed Burst Shooting for perfectly focused images every time.

Showtime in Full HD
Record Full HD videos in AVCHD or MP4 format. And enjoy smooth, colorful, high- resolution playback on your PC or wide- screen TV. High Speed Video recordS with 100fps in HD resolution and 200fps in VGA. With high-speed video you can and record any fast-moving action, and enjoy later in crystal-clear slow motion.

Precision Is Key — Manual Focus Peaking
Compose the perfect shot with precision. The manual control ring enables smooth operation of the Focus Peaking function. And the large LCD displays the area of focus and depth of field to let you concentrate on composition.

RAW Format Recording
Shoot in RAW format to capture greater detail. Your image data retains the original color and light information captured by camera’s sensor, with only minimal processing. And you can directly edit high-quality images for amazing results.

Reveal More Details with Macro Shots
Clearly capture even the most intricate details in any subject with up-close 3cm macro shooting.

Keep it Steady with HYBRID O.I.S.
HYBRID O.I.S.+ minimizes blur and ensures level images. The 5-axis Optical Image Stabilizer automatically detects and compensates for blurring, based on the camera’s five types of movement. When shooting, Level Shot senses and corrects the horizontal line of recording, even when the camera is tilted. The result is clear, perfectly leveled photos and video.

The Quintessential Travel Camera
The new LUMIX ZS50 is the ultimate camera for any destination, with every feature built for the traveller in you. From architectural patterns to subtle color gradations in sunsets, the ZS50 makes it easy to capture every color and detail in any light, anywhere. And its slim, compact size makes it ideal for slipping into your pocket or a bag for quick, easy access.

Time-Lapse Recording
Position the camera to record the natural drama of a rising sun, setting moon or flowers coming into bloom. Simply set the start time, shooting interval and the number of images needed. The camera takes care of the rest automatically, in Full HD quality.


Pragmatist says:

Excellent little pocket camera with an impressive feature set I’ve been looking for a good quality point-and-shoot light-weight camera that fits in my pocket, has a long zoom, has a good viewfinder, one that travels easily, and not too costly. Turns out there aren’t many choices that fit all these criteria. I enjoy photography, am a highly experienced photographer although not a pro, and have a really good camera with interchangeable lenses, etc. which I use when I want to get top quality pics and need to have a lot of control over focus, depth of field, mounted flash, etc. However, when traveling by air, hauling all that equipment around, taking up space in carry-on luggage, etc. tends to make me leave the really good camera at home. With pocket cameras I’ve used, I really miss having a viewfinder. I find them awkward to hold steady, and difficult to see on the backside LCD panel exactly what I’m getting in bright light or when I need to follow and catch fast moving objects (e.g., flying birds), particularly when the zoom is extended…

Roger James says:

Amazing Small Camera, Big Zoom, Sharp Images and Video, Great Low Light, Beautiful EVF The Panasonic ZS50 is an amazing camera. The images and video are the best I’ve seen out of a very small sensor small camera. What makes the camera unique is the beautiful EVF viewfinder, while small is bright; and sharp. Having an EVF (electronic) viewfinder improves the image quality because holding the camera against your head at eye level, steadies the camera almost as much as the built in image stabilization. The resulting view is closer to what your eye sees,and you don’t get that sun glare that will wash out an LCD screen. The EVF shows the display settings and you never have to remove your from the EVF to view the resulting image. This saves time and allows you to quickly adjust settings and snap another image if you are unhappy with your image.The image stabilization is excellent. It’s possible to get sharp images even at the full zoom. The most amazing part about this camera is the low light capability because of Panasonic’s choice of 12 megapixels…

Cobra says:

I was apprehensive . . . but no more! WoW!!! I took a chance here because Panny doesn’t provide options to tweak a lot of controls in this particular camera like most cameras. However, the results in every one of my test images were astoundingly good and probably better than anything I would have selected given the presence of those controls. Some will view this as a negative and at first I was worried as well . . . but not now! The images were all well balanced in highlights, shadows, color, sharpness, etc. Panny has done a great job in balancing out the images. The 5 Axis stabilization worked incredibly well even out to the maximum 720 distance. Here again, I was worried the images would be soft at that range . . . again I was delightfully wrong! Panny was smart to lower the megapixels to just 12 given the small sensor here. Noise was not an issue in any of my test images under conditions where there was reasonable light. No doubt at night noise will creep in at higher ISO’s, but given the small sensor that is…

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