Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner

Many places we have traveled to are noisy and having restful nights can be challenging. We also both snore. We always pack this small, lightweight, and effective sound masking device. It has allowed us to sleep well despite barking dogs, rumbling trucks, nearby construction, loud parties, etc.

Brought to you by Marpac, creators of the Original Sound Conditioner. The Marsona Travel Sound Conditioner is ideal for people on the move, producing a familiar sound environment away from home.

The TSC-330 is compact and lightweight, yet offers the noise masking capabilities of many full sized sound conditioners. We utilize solid state technology to create “white noise” emulating Rain, Waterfall and Surf to effectively mask unwanted sounds and noise.

On the left side of the device is a slide control used to move between the Rain/Waterfall and Surf sounds, creating a wide variation of sounds. Moving between the two control positions will almost always produce the sound best suited to your noise masking requirements.

Product Features

  • Mask unwanted noise or create acoustic privacy
  • Promotes better sleep and rest
  • Compact and lightweight yet provides the noise masking capabilities of many full-sized units
  • Fits easily into a suitcase or overnight bag and includes a handy nylon travel pouch
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Additional Features

Especially designed to automatically detect input voltage, the TSCI-330 can be used on international (240 Volts AC) or domestic (110 Volts AC) current.
This sound machine can be made quite loud if necessary. The volume control lets you increase or decrease the amount of sound produced customized to your needs.


Ellamama says:

Marpac Sound Conditioners are a Sound Investment The Marpac sound conditioners are, without question, the best. I’ve used various devices to achieve white noise. I can say with considerable experience that the Marpac ones are more durable and worth every penny. This version (the TSCi) has the distinct advantage of having a built-in voltage coverter which permits it to be used outside the US with only a plug adapter (the European adapter is included). Some years ago, my husband “fried” a previous white noise machine by plugging it in without the voltage adapter and I realized that it’s a very handy feature. Likewise, the Marpac products last a lot longer than those made by other companies. We’ve had several from Sharper Image whose connections have broken out in no time. My husband has a mechanical machine which is >20 yrs. old; I’ve one which is >15 yrs. old. This smaller, electronic version, is perfect for travel (or home). We just returned from a week-long trip to Europe and it worked fabulously. My husband frequently travels to…

Stacey E. Lovett says:

Small, lightweight, effective I travel a lot. One of the most significant trips I take is an annual visit to Tokyo for 2 months a year. The reviews written about the place I would be staying in Tokyo complained of thin walls. During a previous trip to Tokyo, construction workers were using a jackhammer at 2am in the morning just half a block from where I was sleeping. After years of consideration, I finally bought this sound machine. I was concerned that it would be big and not worth the weight to bring to Japan. I also couldn’t tell if it came with a power supply or if I had to buy that separate. When the item finally arrives, I found it quite lightweight and not as big as I had expected. I would compare it to the size of a medium-sized wallet, but much less weight. There is no question that this noise machine was worth the money and worth its weight. I am a light sleeper and this machine blocks out a lot of odd noises that would otherwise keep me awake. I like the volume and sound options. The first…

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