Google Nexus 9 Tablet (8.9-Inch|16 GB| Black)

We own the 7″ version of this tablet and have found it to be a valuable travel companion. We use it for maps, to read full color guidebooks, for Skype and for the many apps that we use. The larger screen on this one is nice.

We travel with the NEXUS 7, which is smaller than this device. We like it’s portability. The larger screen on this version makes it a nice upgrade if you want more screen real estate. This is an upgrade in many other ways as well. Would I replace my 7-inch with this one? I guess we’ll have to buy one and see which one we prefer!

Nexus 9

At a Glance: A sweet new take on Android – Android 5.0 Lollipop 8.9” IPS LCD display with 4:3 aspect ratio constructed from Gorilla Glass 3 Dual front-facing speakers with HTC BoomSound 8MP rear camera – 1.6MP front camera 64-bit NVIDIA Tegra K1 Dual Denver @ 2.3GHz CPU Quad-band GSM, CDMA, Penta-band HSPA, LTE Micro-USB 2.0 3.5mm audio

Designed with you in mind

Fit for your hand

With a soft grip back and subtle curves, the Nexus 9 tablet strikes a slim profile that’s light and comfortable for work or play.

High-quality construction

Built with a thin bezel, brushed metal sides, clean lines and unique colors, the Nexus 9 tablet is sleek and sturdy.

Watch, listen, and play

Perfectly sized display

The 8.9″ screen is big enough to work and watch on, but small enough to carry around in one hand.

Crisp, clear sound

Sound is more immersive, layered and distortion-free with front-facing HTC BoomSound speakers.

Powerful processor

With the 64-bit processor, easily move between tabs to check email, watch videos, and tweak docs — all at once.

Nexus 9 Nexus 9

From work to play and back again

Better multitasking

Easily switch between editing documents, browsing the web, watching movies, and listening to music.

Get stuff done

The magnetically attached, fully-responsive keyboard allows you to type at different angles. Sold separately, it helps you get stuff done at home, at the office, and on the go.

Introducing Lollipop, our sweetest release yet

Nexus devices get the latest Android OS updates first, so you have a superior software experience.

Your device, your rules

For fewer worries and disruptions, adjust your settings so only certain people and notifications get through. When it’s important, respond to messages directly from your lockscreen.

Beautiful design

Colors are bold, animations are fluid and shapes are richly textured. And the Lollipop experience is consistent across all of your Android devices.

Product Features

  • Android 5.0 Lollipop; 8.9-Inch IPS LCD TFT Display; QXGA (2048×1536)
  • NVIDIA Tegra K1 2.3 GHz x64 Processor
  • 16 GB Flash Memory, 2 GB RAM Memory
  • 1.6MP Front Camera; 8MP Rear Camera
  • 0.96 pounds; 802.11ac WiFi; 2×2 (MIMO)


D.L.C says:

The Next Generation….If You Get a Good One, Wait For Now. I’ve been a long time Nexus brand user, owning the Nexus 4/5/7. I sold my iPad 3 but still retain my iPod Touch 4th Generation as dedicated mp3 player. Furthermore, I employ a Dell Venue 8 Pro running Windows 8.1 as a productivity tablet. Please see my profile for my Nexus 5 and 7 reviews. This review is meant for both the technical savvy and the casual user so bear with me as at times I’ll veer headfirst into alphabet number soup talk and at times keep it real simple. I also purchased my Nexus 9 directly from Google Play.If you’re the super lazy kind of person, skip to section (11): TLDR, otherwise let’s begin:(1) Hardware:Personally, in my opinion, high to medium end devices from reputable brands have reached the point where most people won’t be able to tell the difference or the difference won’t be something they regularly use. That said I’m still going to cover it. If you’re not interested in the nerd talk about hardware, then all you need to…

daveespo says:

Huge variability in light bleed and components used Based on the price point and my general happiness with the Nexus 7 (2012 model) I already own, I disregarded most of the sour grapes commentary about the light bleed problems on the Nexus 9.However, they’re all right. There is a huge variation in manufacturing tolerances.In the picture below, you’ll see the first Nexus 9 I received from Amazon on the RIGHT (Serial Prefix: HT4B9) and the second (an exchange from Amazon) on the LEFT (Serial Prefix: HT4AN)I’m obviously keeping the exchange (the one on the left).In all fairness, the picture exaggerates the problem a little. It’s not _that_ bad. But if you’re watching a letterboxed movie, it’s noticeable enough to be distracting.It’s not all roses and gumdrops with the second one though: the vibrate motor is actually audible on the second one. On the first one, I don’t think there’s any way an adult human could hear the thing vibrate as you type. On the second one, the motor is…

R. Voorhees says:

The Force is strong in this one! At first glance during unboxing, it would be easy to mistake the Nexus 9 as just another ho hum offering in a long list of look-alike Android tablets. But as we all know, looks can be deceiving, and in this case, I can say with all certainty that they most definitely are. This is one beast of a tablet, tamed by a FINALLY well polished 5.0 Lollipop OS. Is it a perfect tablet? I think you can find fault with any tablet, whether Apple or Android. But, the HTC Nexus 9 is BY FAR the closest anyone has gotten.Much ado has been made about the iPad Air 2, and rightfully so, although IOS 8 still has a few bugs to work out, so its inevitable that the Nexus 9 is going to be compared. Let’s just cut to the chase. For me, at least, I can say something I never thought I’d be saying: I’ll be returning my Air 2. Here’s why:Form FactorThe 9 got this just right. The switch to a 4:3 aspect and 8.9 inch screen puts it right in the sweet spot between the 7 inch tablets or the…

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