ASUS 802.11b/g/n Portable Wireless Router (WL-330N)

This portable router provides a powerful WiFi signal in places where there is only hard-wired internet. Even some fancy hotels only provide one internet connection. With this tiny device, you can use all your devices with no hassles. Lots of other great features too. Packs small.

Since we usually travel with two laptops, two smartphones, two Kindles and a NEXUS 7 Tablet, we need seven internet connections. This compact and easy to pack device has saved us from being offline on numerous occasions. Once you hook up this router to a modem or CAT-5 cable, you immediately have your own well secured wireless network. It’s powerful enough to reach every room in a small house.

It also has a number of other very useful features. We have used it to add Internet connectivity to a computer that had a non-working adapter too. The one time we traveled without this great mini-router, we regretted it!

No larger than a standard credit card and requiring only a single USB port for power, the compact ASUS Wireless-N150 WL-330N mobile router delivers leading Internet connection versatility with 5 different operation modes. Router mode lets you setup and control a wireless Internet network. Access Point mode extends an existing Internet signal via a wired connection. Repeater mode wirelessly extends a current wireless signal for wider coverage. Hotspot mode wirelessly connects your Internet-enabled notebook to other wireless devices. Ethernet Adapter mode gives your laptop or PC a powerful wireless connection via wired Ethernet to Internet sources.

Product Features

  • Ultra-portability with Footprint Smaller Than a Credit Card
  • Industry-leading 5-in-1 Multi-role Functionality: Router, Access Point, Universal Repeater, Ethernet Adapter, Hotspot
  • Plug-n-Surf Installation with Graphic Management
  • Up to 98% faster connecting speed in 150Mbps configuration when compared to similar routers
  • Powered by USB. Power adapter supports charging a wide variety of smartphones


Noemata says:

Asus hardware, yes: Asus firmware, miss (again) We have repeat experiences over many years with Asus products. Asus makes excellent hardware, which is why we keep coming back. However, Asus firmware and software, at their best, are marginally and barely adequate, and much more often are sub-adequate or outright disasters. Our best Asus experience has been with the RT-N16 wireless router, which we flashed with third-party (Tomato USB version 1.28 Toastman build) firmware; after replacing the Asus firmware, which was not good at all, with the Tomato USB firmware, the RT-N16 may well be the best consumer level wireless router ever — but its excellence is largely due to its independence from Asus firmware.Which brings us to the WL-330N, an archetype of the Asus yin and yang. Let us make clear from the outset that we have no specific opinion of the software on the CD-ROM that is shipped with this hardware. The CD-ROM itself states outright on its face that it works (a) ONLY with Windows, but (b) NOT with legacy…

S. Dunbar says:

Amazing little router – 5 stars if it wasn’t for the rebate I purchased this product to allow me to hook up a TV and BluRay player for streaming video. I spent 1 minute with the manual and another 2 minutes setting it up. I hooked it to a standalone computer, selected which operation mode I wanted (there are 5 and I needed Wireless Network Adapter Mode), entered my WiFi password and boom – I’m done. The device rebooted and was usable in literately 3 minutes.Another cool feature – this is powered by USB voltage. It comes with a USB adapter and a standard USB cord. My DirectTV DVR has a USB port on the back so I used it to power the router. Works like a charm and now I have an extra USB charger!Throughput and stability have been fine in the few days I’ve had it. If that changes I’ll update this review.This device would have gotten 5 stars but I hate, absolutely hate mail in rebates. On the rebate registration page you can get your rebate in 5-7 days if you’ll give up 10% of the rebate. Otherwise it…

Nick Kotakis says:

Works great for Hilton hotels 0

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