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At Joyful Journeying, we show folks of all ages how to nourish their desire for travel and embrace a future filled with fun and adventure!

2017 will begin our fifth year of almost continuous travel. We have traveled across the United States and Canada, in Asia, Oceana and Central America.

We have learned many lessons on making our meager travel budget go further, the most affordable places to live, and much more.

We are looking forward to visiting Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Columbia in the near future. And we have our sights set on Europe too!

We are just regular folks like you. In 2012, our California home of 12 years dropped in value by half. So we sold it and everything that didn’t fit into our Toyota Corolla and took the biggest risk of our lives. We began a life of travel and adventure.

If you have the heart of an adventurer, begin exploring what we have to share below:

What’s New Here?

Visitors to Cambodia Documenting Amazing Art Program

This post from Alissa and Dan at This World Rocks describes a school they visited in Cambodia that really touched my artist's heart! Read about the man who was an orphan himself and now helps the kids at his school to become artists, sell their paintings and go to...

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A Few Purchases To Feel At Home While House sitting

I read a lot of other people's travel blogs. Many are youngish backpackers and a few have cleverly posted lists and photos of the things they pack, like Dan and Alissa at  thisworldrocks. As long term house sitters in Australia, we had to pack for three seasons of...

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Solving The International Power and Plug Dilemma

Being modern travelers, we enjoy using electronic devices that make international travel easier. Since we have to charge our laptops, our cell phones, our Kindles, the GPS, an electric shaver, a digital camera and more, it is very important that we know the type of...

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Cordial, My New Favorite Beverage

When we first arrived here in Oz I learned that there is a local beverage that they call cordial (that is pronounced cor-dee-yal), though our English transplants friends call it "squash". This all rolling out of a conversation about "pumpkin", which really means...

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