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At Joyful Journeying, we show folks of all ages how to nourish their desire for travel and embrace a future filled with fun and adventure!

2017 will begin our fifth year of almost continuous travel. We have traveled across the United States and Canada, in Asia, Oceana and Central America.

We have learned many lessons on making our meager travel budget go further, the most affordable places to live, and much more.

We are looking forward to visiting Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Columbia in the near future. And we have our sights set on Europe too!

We are just regular folks like you. In 2012, our California home of 12 years dropped in value by half. So we sold it and everything that didn’t fit into our Toyota Corolla and took the biggest risk of our lives. We began a life of travel and adventure.

If you have the heart of an adventurer, begin exploring what we have to share below:

What’s New Here?

Ten Things to Know Before Traveling to Ubud

If you are looking for an untouched paradise on the edge of civilization, Ubud no longer qualifies. This also means Indonesian dishes, pizza, vegetarian, vegan and raw food restaurants are all available, it is easy to procure various means of transportation, and lodgings to fit most budgets can be booked online.

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Three Things We Love About Bali Restaurants

We have a month to spend in Ubud, Bali and have found the city to be a culinary delight. There are dozens of warungs (small family cafes), as well as many larger, more commercial restaurants. We have discovered many wonderful eateries, both large and small. We are...

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What We Love About Slow Travel

You have probably heard of "slow food", but what about "slow travel"? We are on a journey of seeing the world with the goal of slowly savoring the places we visit. We may not see it all, nor do we visit all the tourist hot spots, but we are immersing ourselves in the...

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First Motorbike Ride in the Crazy Traffic of Ubud Bali

Having never traveled in Bali, I was unprepared for the amount of traffic in Ubud, one of the larger cities. The narrow streets are crammed with cars, trucks, and motorbikes of all sizes and description. No one pays much attention to traffic laws and they park in...

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Best House Sitting Sites for House Sitters

Becoming a house sitter is a terrific way to save on travel expenses and live like a local. You will learn from this review of web sites where potential house sitters can find opportunities, which are the best sites to join.

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