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From South Pacific islands to ancient cities, this 2014 blog post by Lonely Planet is sure to awaken your yearn to travel. The described destinations offer every kind of experience imaginable and we learn where they can be had at a lower price point.

Read the Lonely Planet guide here.

Top Budget Travel Destinations for 2016

There are also great choices for budget travelers in 2016. Forbes put together this post based on the wealth of travel experiences from some of the best travel bloggers on the web.
Here is the list of the top choices for budget travelers in 2016. You can read the details in the link below.
1. George Town, Malaysia
2. Xi’an, China
3. Barcelona, Spain
4. Metro Manila, Philippines
5. Thrace Region, Turkey
6. Morocco
7. Hungary
8. Malaysia
9. Croatia
10. Puerto Rico

Our apologies for the annoying ads that Forbes bombards their readers with.
Read the details here Best budget travel destinations for 2016.

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